1. Freight Forwarding

    Thyke Logistics offers a complete range of Freight Forwarding services tailored to individual customer needs. Our target is to provide efficient and reliable services with our team’s wide experience in international transport and logistics. Thyke Logistics offers;

    • the customers FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load) solutions worldwide. Service range is not limited to import and export only, but also covers cross trades worldwide, overseeing all steps of transportation from loading to sea transportation, unloading, warehousing, customs clearance and inland trucking.
    • diversified air freight solutions through global partners all over the world.
    • full range of trucking and intermodal services through selected and qualified sub contractors. Thyke Logistics has set up strong and long term relationships based on mutual reliability with trucking companies

    Whether your cargo is going across an ocean or around the world, you will enjoy the benefits of Thyke’s long term partnership with global network

    If you would like to find additional information about please refer to info@thykelogistics.com

  2. Transit Traffics

    As Thyke Logistics, we have very close and active connections with our agents located in Turkey’s periphery (neighbor) countries. Turkey has always been used for (as) main logistics transit hub due to its unique geographical location. We are capable of providing the high service quality not only in your transit shipments, but also cross trade shipments from/to;

  3. Warehousing

    Thyke Logistic’s path to provide most suitable warehousing service for each client starts with understanding the customer’s business completely (properly). There are hundreds of different systems to operate a warehouse and all of them are correct for a customer but the main issue is to find the perfect match. You can find some of our services below;

    • Bonded, Non-Bonded and Free Zone options
    • Order processing, inbound and outbound
    • Bar-coding, re-packaging, labeling and visual quality control
    • Vendor/carrier performance and history
    • Cross-docking / flow distribution
    • Order fulfillment, pick and pack by order, SKU etc.
    • Cross-docking and transloading
    • Lashing, securing and dunnaging
  4. Customs Brokering

    With all the changes and variables that customs operations create what you need is keen eyes and experts in customs regulations to provide minimum risk, less errors, reduced costs and full compliance for government regulations.

    From start to finish of the customs clearance process, the same Broker who evaluates, classifies and generates your entry will also call you to personally explain why they have applied the specific customs tariffs, concessions, valuation< and relevant legislation to your consignment. Some of the services we provide are;

    • Import / Export Customs Declaration Services
    • Facilitating Temporary Import or Transit Bonds
    • Coordinating Duty Drawbacks
    • Transit Customs Operations
    • Levy (Tax) Exemption Documentation in Iraq & Afghanistan
    • Tariff Consultancy to Pay Appropriate Duty Rates
    • Import Compliance Consultancy
    • Bonded Warehouse Customs Operations
  5. Container Trading

    Thyke Logistics is one of the leading second hand container suppliers in the Turkish market. We are recognized nationally for delivering high quality, W/W (Wind and Watertight) and durable shipping containers with PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection) Reports and offering wide range of kinds and options such as; Box and Reefer Shipping Containers, Tank Containers, Rail Containers.

    Our customers’ need vary from safe transportation to African countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., using refrigerated unit as a cold storage, holding the materials inside the unit at the delivery location as a warehouse and goes on and on…

    What you need is just to define your needs and talk to one of experts.